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Recent roles

December 2021

Having had my Archers debut back in 2020, I was asked to come back again for a 2022 role. Again, just a small one but a couple of scenes this time. I'll have a recurring role by 2030...!

I've also only just recovered from an incredibly intense 2 weeks at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton where I had the challenge of learning a brand new adaptation of an Edgar Allen Poe tale, The Black Cat, over just a week's rehearsal. It was a one hour, one woman piece which required all the memory skills I thought I'd lost to lockdown & new parenthood. Turns out, if you know you're going to be streamed to who knows where in a week's time, you will learn those lines whatever it takes. It was genuinely the hardest thing I've ever taken on. And I know that I say that for nearly every project but I like that each new thing is a challenge. And now I'm not scared of ever learning lines again. 


November 2020


It's been a long, hard year with little on the horizon for actors. So I count myself very lucky to be amongst the local Birmingham actors that have recently had an episode of The Archers to work on. 

I'll be on 17th November at 7.02pm and the Omnibus on Sunday 22nd November at 10am over on BBC Radio 4 or the Sounds App. 

It's a small part but in a really important and heartbreaking story-line in which the actors who play Alice and Chris, Hollie Chapman and Wilf Scolding, have an incredibly hard job to do and bring out all the nuances of the characters. 

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