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Mob Wife, 2019

"Dru Stephenson stands out as Debra’s sassy and quick-tempered confidant, Joanne Trevesani, and makes the most of some of the best lines in the show."

Joe Spence, The Spy in the Stalls


"It's funny..., largely thanks to the performance of Debra's best friend, Joanne Trevesani (Dru Stephenson)."

Sunita Jaswal, London Theatre Reviews 

The Stars That Remain, 2018

"The talent on the stage (actually the floor is the stage!) is high. Most of the cast are professional singers and actors and have been treading the boards of the West Midlands for many years. You could say that they are the best of the best. Notable performances also from ... Dru Stephenson (Sweeney Todd, Barred) who goes from playing Rosa’s exotic colleague to, well, something more. "

Matt Dudley, Black Country Radio

Richard III & A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2018

"The stars of the production, though, are Partridge as Richard and Dru Stephenson as Lady Buckingham. Their scenes together are magical. Stephenson gives her character a huge range of mood, wile, subterfuge and naivety."

Peter Buckroyd, Stratford Herald.

"This production of Richard III... is nothing short of a triumph... The company was flawless and all deserve naming. Dru Stephenson captures the would-be Machiavellian qualities of Buckingham... This is Shakespeare at its finest."

Euan Rose, Bromsgrove Standard

"Hippolyta (Dru Stephenson) is a grumpy and reluctant bride and turns out in Act V to have a Scottish accent with ironic contemporary overtones both of conquest and reluctance to be married. The same actor is wonderful as Titania."

Peter Buckroyd, Stratford Herald.

5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, 2017

"...the dialogue was brilliantly handled by the cast, hitting the full comic potential of the jokes leaving the room full of laughter."

Love Midlands Theatre

"had the capacity audience at the Old Joint Stock reeling with uproariously, uncontrolled laughter. So original and highly recommended."

Elizabeth M. Smith and Rosemary Manjunath, Behind the Arras

Wuthering Heights, 2017

"Dru Stephenson's Nelly is outstanding, bringing out her loyalty and moral worth by means of a contained stillness which is a marked contrast to the loud, chaotic and destructive passions with which she is surrounded."

Peter Buckroyd, Stratford Herald

Secret Garden, 2017

"such is the transformative nature of the costumes and the actors’ skills, it’s hard to believe that the fearsome housekeeper Mrs Medlock is played by the same actor (Dru Stephenson) as the likeable, green-fingered, Doctor Doolittle-ish young boy, Dickon."

William Stafford, Bum on a Seat

Henry V, 2017

"Dru Stephenson combines a touching Mistress Quickly and hilarious French lady-in-waiting with a well-drawn soldierly turn in the pre-battle English camp."

Michael Davies, Stage Reviews

"The women’s parts are beautifully played, by Dru Stephenson (Mistress Quickly and Alice, Princess Katherine’s lady) ... whether reciting the pathetic account of the death of Falstaff, or engaged in a bout of language-learning that never loses its affectionate side,..."

Gill Sutherland, Stratford Herald

Next Thing You Know, 2017

"Special mention must go to the newest addition to the company Dru Stephenson, who plays aforementioned Lisa, ex-girlfriend of Darren - turned lesbian, whose story is the hardest hitting... Stephenson is extremely talented with amazing vocals and strong acting, she is definitely one to watch..."

Love Midlands Theatre

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